Every two years since 1895, Venice is the location of one of the most important international art exhibitions, the Biennale. Nowadays, there are several different parts to it: the Art Biennale happens every two years in odd years, while the Architecture Biennale happens in even years, each from June to November. The Film Festival of Venice, which is also a part of the Biennale, is held every year since 1932. It is considered the oldest and, together with the Film Festival of Cannes and the Berlinale, one of the three most significant film festivals worldwide. Besides the film festival, there are also yearly held festivals for music, dance and theater.

Most of the events of the Biennale happen in the Giardini in the Castello neighborhood. Almost 30 different countries have pavilions in this garden, where they exhibit art from their homes. There are exhibits and more country pavilions all across the city. The film festival is held on the Lido.