Harry’s Bar, San Marco 1223

Since 1932 is Harry’s Bar one of the most famous bars in Venice. It was founded by the local celebrity restaurateur and hotelier Giuseppe Cipriani, who named it after his son Arrigo (English Harry). Many international celebrities like e.g. Woody Allen have been here. Ernest Hemingway is believed to have sipped either Bloody Marys or his own creation of 15 parts gin and one part dry vermouth in these surroundings. Harry’s Bar is also well-known for its culinary inventions: carpaccio, an appetizer made from thinly sliced beef with lemon juice that is nowadays popular all over Italy was invented here. Venice’s signature cocktail made from Prosecco and peach puree, the Bellini was also invented here. Since the bar is so famed, expect to pay a premium price for the fancy food and the cocktails.