Public transportation in Venice: boat and ferry service

There are no streets that are wide enough to allow bus traffic in the historic part of Venice. Public transportation therefore happens in small boats called waterbuses and bigger passenger ferries that can hold more people. The waterbus and ferry service in Venice is provided by the company ACTV. There are also a few car ferries that can transport cars and even buses for example from the mainland to the Lido. The current fleet consists of 152 boats and there are about 100 pontoon boarding points throughout the city. All boats are registered with the Italian Shipping Register which also conducts safety inspections on the boats. A single trip on a waterbus is €6.50. This fare does not include the return trip. For tourists it can therefore be beneficial to purchase a timed ticket that is valid for half a day, a whole day or even several days. These tickets include the entire service area and even the land-based buses on the mainland.