Souvenirs from Venice: Il Mondo in miniature

Since 1989, the artist Giovanni Moro produces hand painted miniatures of the buildings of Venice. They are made from a mixture of marble dust and resin. Nowadays many other artist work under Giovanni Moro’s supervision in his atelier.

You can purchase the small and sometimes not so small works of art as a souvenir in many gift shops throughout Venice. The best selection, however, you will find in the shop called “Il Mondo in Miniatura” located at San Marco 415, adjacent to the atelier. Here you can buy the authentic miniature of Venetian houses, palaces, churches, and even entire neighborhoods of Venice. The largest piece that was done so far, was a piece commissioned by a Japanese corporation. It is a miniature encompassing the entire town of Venice. It consists of more than 1000 buildings and 400 bridges. The piece is about 4x6m and nowadays can be seen in Ishi Kawa, Japan.