St. Mark’s Square

When Venetians say “Piazza” (square) they are talking about the only square in Venice that deserves this name: St. Mark’s Square, together with the Campo SS. Giovanni e Paolo, one of the few squares in Venice which’s pavement goes back to before 1500.

This center of tourist activity is a central piece in each trip to Venice. With its pigeons, St. Mark’s Square is one of the most photographed backdrops in Venice. The byzantine St. Mark’s Basilica is located here and the famous Doge’s palace. St. Mark’s column with its signature winged lion, the symbol of the evangelist and patron of Venice is also located here, next to the column of St. Theodore, who was Venice’s patron before St. Mark. St. Mark’s campanile is according to Italian style separated from the church and also erected on the square. St. Mark’s square is a perfect location to sit down in own of the many street cafes and to people watch.